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    2. 南京世洲生物科技有限公司成立于2015年,位于江苏省南京市。公司目标是为药物发现和材料行业提供独特的药物化学产品和专门的技术服务,同时也涉及同位素标记合成,天然产物分离等业务。公司拥有研发团队10人,其中博士5人,硕士5人,其中有2位具有海外留学经历。目前,公司拥有核磁共振波谱仪1台,液质联用色谱仪1台,高效液相色谱3台,气相色谱仪1台,反应釜10台。我们还从事各种中间体、分子构建???、化学库、对照品、前药、核苷和核苷酸等的合成,尤其在氨基酸、多肽、硼酸类化合物、杂环化合物、手性化合物的合成方面具有丰富的经验。此外,我们在工艺放大和工艺化学开发方面很强(即路线选择和优化,原料药开发,从克级到公斤级)。我们也提供与药物化学相关的CRO服务(即先导化合物发现、先导化合物优化等)。

      Located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province,Nanjing Shizhou Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The purpose of our company is to provide unique pharmaceutical chemical products and specialized technical services for drug discovery and materials industry, and also involves isotope labeling synthesis, separation of natural products and other businesses. Our company is equipped with a ten-member research and development team, including 5 Doctors, 5 Masters, two of whom once have overseas studying experience.  At present, the company has 1 NMR spectrometer, 1 LC-MS spectrometry, 3 HPLC, 1 GC and 10 reaction vessels.

      We are specialized in the synthesis of all kinds of intermediates, building blocks, small libraries, reference compounds, pro-drugs, nucleosides and nucleotides etc. Particularly, we have strong experience in the synthesis of amino acids, peptides, boronic acid compounds, heterocycles, chiral compounds. We have state of the art equipments which help analyze and separate the compounds. In addition, we are strong in scale up and process chemistry development (i.e., route selection and optimization, API development, from gram to kilograms) .We also provide CRO service related to medicinal chemistry (i.e., hit confirmation and hit-to-lead, lead optimization, potency improvement, secure IP etc.).

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